Environmental Policy

We will conduct business in a manner that conserves resources and constantly reduces our environmental footprint. We seek continual improvement in our environmental performance by setting, reviewing and updating environmental goals.

We are committed to:

  • Managing operations to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe, with emphasis on pollution prevention and minimizing adverse environmental impact.
  • Identifying and evaluation potential environmental risk and implementing appropriate measures to eliminate or control those risks.
  • Developing and implementing measures to ensure sustainable use of materials, resources and energy.
  • Promoting and developing awareness, leadership and accountability with respect to environmental protection among all our employees and persons working for us or on our behalf.


GREEN Cleaning

ABBCO Service Corporation has implemented a Green Cleaning program company-wide. We have partnered with our suppliers like Ecolab, Tennant and CPI to use products and procedures that provide the customer and employees the healthiest environment possible.

  • Green Seal cleaning products utilized where ever possible
  • High filtration vacuum cleaners
  • ECH2O ™ auto-scrubbers where applicable
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloths color coated by use rather than treated disposable towels or paper products.
  • Micro-fiber flat mop systems
  • Micro-fiber dust mop systems
  • Procedures that assure proper cleaning techniques and chemical use
  • Chemical dispensing systems to assure proper mixture of chemicals and the reductions of product containers.
  • Use of recyclable containers/materials, management of recycling programs